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V2.0 releases and bugfixes



Some of the changes

  • File upload trough web form (Up to 10Gb limit per render job)
  • New design and theme
  • New logo
  • New and improved pricing system
  • Added Zopim online chat widget
  • Added realtime availability information
  • Added e-Wallet for huge discounts
  • NDA, terms and conditions, and tax avoidence for customers outside EU territory available for everyone to see and download.
  • Reworked render job submision process. Made easier to understand and differentiate them.
  • Added blog. Soon for the latest information, articles and so much more.
  • Improved accuracy of pricing calculator (Cpu model version) and added another pricing calculator based on Cinebench R15 score. Pricing calculator values are shown including your specific VAT. 
  • Stronger system backbone




Still working on....